4900 Swope Parkway, 2nd Floor
Kansas City, MO 64130

4900 Swope Parkway, 2nd Floor
Kansas City, MO 64130


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Land Bank check all of its properties for liens?

Yes, to the extent possible.  Although recent liens may have occurred since acquisition (as a result of demolition and/or nuisance abatement activity, such as weed mowing), the Land Bank acts to resolve these prior to the sale of the property.

Are neighbors given the first option to purchase properties?

Yes. Owners of neighboring properties are given the first option to purchase vacant lots that adjoin their property. See Side Lot Program.

Property Search

As of April 3, 2018 We are no longer accepting online applications.
Please print off your Application Form and
hand deliver to the Land Bank Office with the Application Fee. Only complete application packets will be processed.

How is the asking price for each property determined?

The Land Bank is required to sell properties for at least two-thirds of their fair market value. Asking prices are based on the fair market value as determined by the County Assessor; however, other sources of market value may also be used. Offers for less than two-thirds fair market value must be approved by four of the five commissioners.

The commission also has the authority to establish specific categories of properties that can be sold at set prices (for example, the Side Lot Program).

Are the sale prices dictated by either the City or State?

There are some limitations within the state statute (such as majority approval of the commissioners for sales at less than two-thirds appraised value), but for the most part, no. The method for setting prices is described in the Land Bank’s policies and procedures, which were established by its commissioners.

What happened to properties held by Land Trust?

The Land Trust of Jackson County continues to hold tax-foreclosed properties located outside of Kansas City. Properties within the Kansas City boundaries were transferred to the Land Bank. Going forward, properties within Kansas City that are not sold at tax- foreclosure auctions will be transferred to the Kansas City Land Bank. Properties outside of Kansas City will be transferred to Land Trust of Jackson County.

I have heard about the Kansas City, Missouri Homesteading Authority.  What is its connection with the Land Bank?

The Homesteading Authority is a nonprofit corporation run by a board of directors who are appointed by the mayor and city manager. It participated in negotiations with Bank of America regarding the donation of foreclosed homes. At that time, the Land Bank did not exist, and the Land Trust was (and is) unable to accept donations of property. Future negotiations regarding the donation of foreclosed homes will involve the Land Bank instead.

What if I have other questions?

Call the Land Bank at 816-513-9020 or email us at land.bank@kcmo.org.