4400 Blue Pkwy, 1st floor
Kansas City, MO 64130

4400 Blue Pkwy, 1st floor
Kansas City, MO 64130


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Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning January 1st 2019 There will be a required activation fee with submitted applications.

Applications will not be accepted without the appropriate fee amount.

Property Search

How much money will I need?

You will need enough money to pay the cash price approved for the property, plus the costs of labor and materials to complete the repairs or construction you offer in the scope of repairs. Houses may need more than $30,000 for repairs.

Does my spouse’s name have to be on the Special Warranty Deed and Deed of Trust?

Yes, your spouse must be on the Special Warranty Deed and the Deed of Trust unless your spouse signs a marital waiver form. Land Bank can assist you with this form.

What if I want the title of the property to be transferred to my LLC?

You will be required to provide the following additional documentation;

Will I get the property with a clean title?

Probably not. Land Bank receives the bulk of the property from the Jackson County Tax Sale after the prior owners have not paid their taxes for three or more years. Most of the properties will have some sort of title defect. We recommend that you request a title report, approximately $150.00, or a title commitment, price varies, prior to closing on the property.

There are a variety of ways to address title defects, depending on the type. Talk to a title company, or an attorney, to see what options you have. Land Bank is not responsible for providing clean title. The property comes in an “As-Is” condition.

Do I need permits before I build or repair?

Yes, before you start building or perform repairs, you will want to contact the City Planning and Development department. Permits are needed for these common types of work: Electrical Permit (Circuit wiring, Electrical panel upgrade or replacement, Service upgrade, repair or replacement); Mechanical Permit (Furnace installation, Gas piping installation or repair, Central air condition installation); Plumbing Permit (Water heater installation, Water supply installation, Drain, waste or vent piping) Building Permit (Construction of a structural foundation, Structural framing, Stairway replacement). Make sure to start with City Planning and Development. Construction and repair, without the necessary permits, can lead to additional costs in penalties and ticket enforcement.


Permits may be applied for online via the Compass KC link at http://kcmo.gov/compasskc/ or in person at the
City Planning and Development, Permit Office in City Hall,
414 E. 12th St. 5th Floor, Kansas City MO 64106.

City Planning and Development Department: (816) 513-1500

Construction Code Questions Hotline:  (816) 513-1511

Construction Code Questions E-mail:  codequestions@kcmo.org

Does Land Bank have access to any grant funds or low-interest loans to fix up the houses?

We do not offer any funding or loans from our office. However, we do encourage you to research into what grants, funding or tax incentives are available in the area.

How much time do I have to make the repairs or build the structure?

Generally you will have 60 days to fix any property defects on the exterior of the property and 120 days to complete all other repairs. You can request additional time by contacting one of the Land Bank Inspectors for approval and signing a new agreement with the new timeline for the repairs.

How often do I need to schedule inspections by Land Bank Inspectors?

120 days from the date of closing; and
Upon the completion of the construction and repairs; and
3 years from the date of closing.

Why does the Lank Bank need to inspect after the City Inspectors do their permit inspection?

The Land Bank Inspectors are inspecting for compliance with the Deed of Trust, which is different than what Planning and Development Inspectors will be evaluating for compliance with permit requirements.

What if I don’t get the repairs done in the time given, or I can’t complete the repairs?

If you do not get permission for additional time from Land Bank, or you are not able to complete the repairs, then Land Bank reserves the right to foreclose upon the Deed of Trust to take the property back.

The repairs and construction promised in the Deed of Trust are the required payment for the property. If the payment is not made, then the property will be re-possessed so that someone else can repair the property and put it back into productive use.  If you can no longer complete the repairs within the agreed upon time, contact Land Bank to donate the property back to avoid legal fees.

What happens when I finish the repairs/construction?

Contact Land Bank for the final inspection so that Land Bank can draft and record a Release for the Deed of Trust, and so end the obligation to Land Bank.

Will the deed of Trust automatically “fall off” after 3 years?

No. The Deed of Trust will remain an obligation, similar to a mortgage, until it is released by Land Bank or removed by another operation of law.

Can I sell the property to a third party prior to the repairs being completed?

In general, no, Land Bank wants the property back if the purchaser is not going to complete the repairs required under the Deed of Trust. On rare occasions, if the third party purchaser meets the requirements to be an initial purchaser under Land Bank’s rules and regulations, Land Bank may consent to the sale by drafting and recording an Assignment and Release of the Deed of Trust.

Please be aware, unless Land Bank consents to the sale, you are still responsible for the obligations under the Deed of Trust.