4400 Blue Pkwy, 1st floor
Kansas City, MO 64130

4400 Blue Pkwy, 1st floor
Kansas City, MO 64130


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Adopt / Lease Program

Are you interested in planting a garden, but daunted by the commitment of property ownership? Perhaps the residents in your neighborhood would like to develop an open space where your children can play. You can make it happen. The Adopt-a-Lot and Lease-a-Lot programs give you access to specific Land Bank properties for a limited period of time. No purchase necessary.

Adopt-a-Lot and Lease-a-Lot were designed to encourage and support community-based greening and gardening of vacant lots. Both residents and organizations are eligible to participate. Agreements require that the lots be kept clean and the grass mowed (or otherwise maintained in compliance with the Nuisance Code of Kansas City). Additionally, participants must sign liability waivers or add the Kansas City, Missouri Housing Authority to their insurance policies.

Adopt or Lease…What’s the Difference

Adopt a Lot

Lease a Lot

Is there a fee?



What is the length of the agreement?

All agreements expire annually on December 31. Agreements are renewable on March 1 the following year.

2-5 years with the option to purchase the lot during the time of the lease. Click for information about purchasing a lot.

Is the lot available for purchase during the term of the agreement? .

Yes. The purchaser obtains possession of the property upon expiration of the adoption agreement.

 No, not by another party. Only the leaser may purchase the lot during the time of the lease

May I build on the lot?

No … not even a fence.

Yes, but only minor construction, such as fences, small structures, and sources of water. Construction must comply with all zoning and building codes.

Interested? Check out our Guidebook for Infill Lot Improvement Strategies for ideas and acceptable usages of vacant lots within these programs.

Start looking for available property now.

Ready to make an offer? Complete and submit both a Background Check form and an application.

Our Commitment to the KC Community

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The Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri demonstrates its dedication to the betterment of our communities by providing opportunities for economic development and neighborhood revitalization. You can be assured that Land Bank property will never be sold to:

Additionally, our policies and procedures are designed to prevent speculators from purchasing properties with the sole intention of “flipping” them for a quick profit. Our applicants are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are willing and able to comply with our policies and procedures and that their plans are in the best interest of the community.

That is our commitment to you.

Beginning January 1st 2019 There will be a required activation fee with submitted applications.

Applications will not be accepted without the appropriate fee amount.